Thursday, December 27, 2012

Trending Accessory Pieces In The Industry

There are quite a few popular trending accessory pieces right now being seen on the runway throughout the fashion industry.  Each of them definitely have similarities, but before I explain those I will post a selection of these very exclusive pieces below!
This Chanel necklace portrays a statement, bulky, "in your face" technique by using large scale pearl like shapes. 
These pieces are inspired by Southern Indian Jewellery from the Susan L. Beningson Collection.
YSL Botanical Necklace has beautiful details throughout the entire piece.
The very popular Peter Pan collar looks lovely with the statement embellishments.
The Grunge/Gothic look is still robust.  Most popular pieces include; embellished skull rings, claws, studs, and spikes.
I have noticed that even with the different trends right now they all have a couple things in common.  One of the main similar attributes that all of these trends possess is that they are based on larger scales and create a statement piece.  Each style is bold, chunky, large, or "in your face."  Which trend is your favourite?!


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