Wednesday, December 26, 2012

How To Accessorize For Your Body Type

To begin, there are many different beautiful body types that each of us resemble.  Your first step is to figure out which one you are!  The main body types include; triangle, inverted triangle, rectangle, and hourglass.  Now, obviously this doesn’t mean every woman is walking around with hidden shapes under their clothing!  Take a look:

The Triangle represents a woman with a small shoulder width and generally any weight is supported in the hip area. 
The Inverted Triangle is the complete opposite of the original triangle.  This means that any weight is supported in the upper body, and hip measurements are considerably smaller. 
The Rectangle is when the weight is being supported in the middle of the body.  Hip and shoulder measurements will be very similar in size as well as the waist measurements. 
The Hourglass is when the waist and shoulder measurements are balanced or very similar, and the waist measurement is a great deal smaller.

Now that you have figured out which body type you are, let the fun begin!  Here are a couple tips and tricks to accessorize your fabulous outfit!

The Triangle

What to wear:  scarves can be draped horizontally around your neck to divert attention from the hips, any type of statement necklace or earrings will look lovely too!

What not to wear:  belts, or anything that will highlight the hip area.  I also find that if you are wearing bangles, bulky bracelets, watches, etc. highlight the hip area too.  This tends to happen when your arms are at your sides and your wrists match up with your hips.

The Inverted Triangle

What to wear:   long necklaces, bangles, chunky bracelets or watches, and belts.  All of these accessories will divert attention to smaller hips.

What not to wear:  chunky necklaces, statement earrings, bulky scarves, etc.  Stay away from anything that will draw more attention to the upper body.

The Rectangle

What to wear:  statement necklaces, bulky earrings, bangles, chunky bracelets, watches, low-sitting belts, etc.  Try to wear accessories that highlight both hip and shoulder areas of the body.  This will make a more defined waist line.

What not to wear:  long necklaces, high waist belts, etc.  Stay away from anything that will draw attention to the mid-section.

The Hourglass

What to wear:  high waist belts, to keep the natural waist line.  Try to wear the same amount of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets to keep shoulders and hips balanced.

What not to wear:  bulky necklaces with minimal amounts of bracelets, chunky bracelets with minimal earrings/necklaces, etc.  Stay balanced ladies!
Now that you have your tips and tricks go out there and own your looks ladies!  You're beautiful no matter what body type you are, and there are always new ways to wear any outfit!  Just remember the four body types; triangle, inverted triangle, rectangle, and hourglass. 

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